Prevent tick bites

Like many people, I love walking in nature. Especially when spring and summer arrive, then it is so enjoyable in the outdoor air and nature. It just gives you a feeling of freedom that no one can take away from you at that moment. However, it can be very dangerous to walk in nature with short clothing on.

Danger lurking

It can be quite dangerous to walk through nature, this is because there are many animals that can bite you. For example ticks, I was bitten by a tick once and therefore I want to give you the dangers and a few tips. I do this because you probably want to enjoy nature just like me without being bothered by those animals.

First of all, a tick bite can cause Lyme disease, which is not good for you. The annoying thing about a tick bite is that you don’t see the tick coming and it can sometimes take a while before you realize it. That is why it is better to protect yourself against it, before you catch a disease. 

Tips against tick bites

The danger is always there: getting a tick bite. A solution has been found against tick bites so you will not be bitten again. These are anti tick wear that protect you from the ticks. It is clothing that is specially designed against a tick bite. You wear the clothing in such a way that nothing gets through and that if ticks come on the clothing they fall off.

At work, in the garden, in nature, through the meadow and so on, you don’t have to deal with tick bites anymore. That’s the most important thing, so my tip is: look at those clothes is and protect yourself well against tick bites. 

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